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Retain and advance students with early alerts and risk management. Foresight is enhanced with generative AI and predictive analytics to provide a holistic view of every student and identify when intervention is needed.


Our generative AI learning support assistant is built on the understanding that every student journey is unique. Portrait engages students based on their individual needs, challenges and learning patterns.


Omnichannel queue management optimizes resource allocation. It gets students to the right staff faster while providing better forecasting, greater flexibility and deeper insights.

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Precise and personalized insights help recruiters capture, engage and convert prospects.

Features to support your teams

Communication and outreach

Powerful multi-channel marketing automation converts data into automated, intelligent and personalized student journeys.

Event management

Whether your event is online or in-real-life, greymatter helps at every stage of your outreach, from invites to payment processing.

Prospective student portal

Create a great first impression by giving prospects all the information they need and an easy-to-use interface.

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Social outreach and posting

Seamless integration with platforms like Facebook, X, LinkedIn and InsideView make it easy to get your message out.

Recruiting agency management

Customizable web portals for recruiting agents promote collaboration and efficiency.

Territory and travel management

Keep things running smoothly with management tools that track leads and ensure no duplication of effort.

Prospect segmentation and management

Seeing students as individuals is the key to personalizing their journeys. Once you know who your students are, you’ll know how to talk to them.

Inbound and outbound tele-recruiting

Sometimes all it take is a phone call. Streamline personal communications with tele-recruiting tools.

Virtual agents and chatbots

Reduce frustrations by giving prospective students answers to their questions at any time of day.

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Simplify admissions with automated workflows and insightful analytics.

Features to boost efficiency

Application management

Accept and process online applications, track application completeness and manage application deadlines through the institution-branded greymatter applicant portal or via a mobile device.

Applicant tracking

Manage and track the progress of every applicant. Effortlessly keep an eye on application status, document submission, evaluation and decision-making.

Application review and evaluation

greymatter includes features for assigning applications to reviewers, tracking review progress and documenting evaluation feedback.

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Enrolment management

Manage the enrolment process, including acceptance tracking, enrolment confirmation and deposit collection. greymatter also offers features for managing waiting lists and deferrals.

Document management

Native integration to OneDrive and Sharepoint lets applicants submit documents electronically and securely. You’ll also find features for document verification, storage and retrieval that are automatically linked to the applicant.

Communication and engagement tools

Tools for personalized communication through email, SMS and other channels make all the difference. greymatter also offers automated messaging, reminders and notifications to keep applicants informed.

Workflow automation

Streamline repetitive tasks and improve efficiency. Automate processes such as application review, decision-making and communication triggers.

Reporting and analytics

Track and analyze applicant demographics, conversion rates, funnel analysis and other key performance indicators. Then make data-driven decisions and optimize your admissions strategies.

Integration with other systems

Integration with your student information system, financial aid system, learning management system and others ensures smooth data flow and eliminates the need for manual data entry or duplicate data.

Security and compliance

greymatter prioritizes data security and compliance with relevant regulations such as GDPR or FERPA. It provides robust data encryption, access controls and audit trails to protect applicant data and ensure compliance with privacy laws.

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Identifying and mitigating obstacles helps students excel academically and personally.

Features to make workflow easy

Student profile management

A centralized database stores and manages student information, including personal details, academic records, attendance and communication history.

Student success and degree plans

Create and manage individualized student success and degree plans, outlining specific goals, interventions, and progress tracking.

Early warnings and alerts

Identify at-risk students based on factors like attendance, grades or engagement. This allows proactive intervention to prevent dropouts.

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Intervention management

Help struggling students by tracking and managing interventions like tutoring programs, counseling sessions and academic support initiatives.

Analytics and predictive modeling

Add-ons like Foresight and Portrait allow for advanced analytics and predictive modeling that can help identify patterns, predict student behavior and provide insights to inform retention strategies.

Tracking and reporting

Comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities allow administrators to monitor student progress, identify trends and generate reports on retention rates and student performance.

Workflow automation

Automating repetitive administrative tasks, such as sending reminders or scheduling appointments, saves time and lets staff members focus on personalized student support.

Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Integration with your LMS allows for seamless data exchange between platforms and provides a holistic view of student performance and engagement.

Communication tools

Integration with your student information system, financial aid system, learning management system and others ensures smooth data flow and eliminates the need for manual data entry or duplicate data.

Advising caseload management

Help advising teams work more efficiently with comprehensive case management functionality. Features include appointment scheduling, task management for follow-ups and reminders, and reporting and analytics tools.

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Spread the word about programs and services for adult learners, professional development and workforce training.

Features to simplify communication

Program and course management

Manage and track programs, courses, and workshops with tools for scheduling, registration and enrolment management.

Student registration and enrolment

greymatter facilitates the online registration and enrolment process, allowing individuals to sign up for courses, select payment options, and manage course schedules.

Certification and credential management

Track completion of courses, assessments and professional development requirements, and issue digital certificates or badges.

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Continuing Education Unit (CEU) tracking

greymatter includes features to track and manage (CEUs) earned by participants in continuing education and professional development programs.

Payment processing

Integration with payment gateways and the ability to process payments within greymatter allow for secure and convenient online payments for course fees and materials.

Marketing and communication

Promote courses, events and programs with targeted marketing campaigns that use email marketing, personalized messaging and automated communications.

Customer and contact management

A centralized database manages student and participant information, including contact details, demographics, communication history and course enrolment history.

Learning Management System (LMS) integration

Integration with your LMS allows for a comprehensive learning experience by giving you acess to course materials, assignments, assessments and grading.

Reporting and analytics

Robust reporting capabilities inform decision-making and strategy by providing insights into program performance, enrolment trends, revenue generation and participant satisfaction.

Customization and integration

greymatter extends the Dynamics 365 platform’s customization capabilities to accommodate specific program requirements. We also offer integration capabilities with other systems such as accounting software, marketing automation tools and online learning platforms.

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